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Dating show “Chain Reaction” host Yoo In Na, “If I were tied up in a chain? The excitement will double”

The hosts of “Chain Reaction” imagined what it would be like if they were participants.

On September 14th, in Seoul, the press conference of Coupang Play’s new dating reality program “Chain Reaction” was held. PD Kim Yong Dae and writer Jo Mi Sun, as well as the main hosts, Yoo In Na, Zico, Lee Jin Ho, and Brave Girls’ Yujeong attended the event.

Yoo In Na said, “I think I would feel doubled excitement if I were the one tied together in a chain with others just to clean up and watch TV together, something I always do at home.”

Zico said, “Since the participants are tied up, I think the relationship between them will become special if they play games within the physical radius of their activities. Wouldn’t it feel different?” 


Lee Jin Ho said, “If I were wearing a chain, I would not have been able to show my charm because I was embarrassed. If I were a cast member, I would have been embarrassed and couldn’t show myself.”

Yujeong said, “I think I would have become daring. I would have expressed my feelings more actively.”


Source: daum

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