Daily life of TWICE’s Nayeon to be realistically revealed through MBC’s “The Manager” 

Nayeon’s off-stage visuals will be showcased in “The Manager”.  

TWICE’s Nayeon appeared in the teaser for the next episode of MBC’s “The Manager”, which was released on June 18th, and showed off her refreshing off-stage charm. What particularly caught fans’ attention in the video is how radiant Nayeon looked when she just woke up with a bare face. 

The video teases Nayeon’s daily life outside of her schedules. She was wearing pajamas, lying in her dorm, using her phone like any commoner, and enjoying her free time with fellow member Momo. 

twice nayeon the manager

Although Nayeon is TWICE’s oldest member, she showed off her cute personality like a maknae. Nayeon also went to the karaoke with her manager. They danced, sang together, and seemed to have a lot of fun.  

twice nayeon the manager

Through this broadcast, Nayeon will also unveil how she prepared for her solo debut teasers, like getting her hair and makeup done for a jacket shoot. Nayeon’s ‘on and off’ charms when she is at work and when she is resting will both be revealed. 

twice nayeon the manager

Therefore, attention is paid to various sides of Nayeon in her first appearance in “The Manager”. Meanwhile, Nayeon is scheduled to make a solo debut with her first mini album ‘IM NAYEON’ on June 24, followed by promotions as a soloist. 

twice nayeon the manager

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