Current whereabouts of a filial daughter from Gwangju who became Korea’s “national first love” 

Suzy was famous for her ulzzang visuals in Gwangju before debuting.  

Suzy‘s father, a taekwondo instructor, met and married Suzy’s mother, who was born and raised in Gwangju while teaching students at the Gwangju middle school in the past. Suzy has a pretty face. On top of that, she is also a good daughter who treats her parents better than anyone else.

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Suzy expressed her affection for her parents when she appeared on KBS 2TV’s ‘Invincible Youth 2’. She said, “I’ll make them happy by being more successful.” Suzy also shared an anecdote that she bought her parents steak with the money she earned from work, and her parents were moved to tears.

Suzy has been doing Taekwondo since childhood under the influence of her father. Also, thanks to her strict family atmosphere, she worked part-time as a fitting model to earn her own pocket money. She was also a good student with good activities and friendships. 


Suzy has admired BoA ​​since she was a child, and started showing interest in dancing and singing when she was in third grade of elementary school. Suzy’s mother was at first against her daughter dancing, but at the request of Suzy to trust her, she watched Suzy practice and eventually let her dance. 

In 2009, Suzy participated in the qualifying round for Mnet’s “Superstar K” in Gwangju and passed. As soon as she passed, she was scouted by a JYP Entertainment staff member who was there at the time and she immediately started her JYP Entertainment trainee life.

Suzy was a trainee for a year, and when she was 16, she was selected to debut as a member of the girl group Miss A.  At the time, Park Jinyoung thought it was too early for her to debut as a first-year trainee, but after a strong recommendation from the A&R team, he decided to let Suzy join Miss A.

Suzy, who made her idol debut in 2010 after her short trainee period, was immediately noticed for her innocent visuals. The debut song ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ by Miss A topped the popularity rankings within 21 days of its release, leaving a strong impact as the group even received Daesang in the shortest time.

Miss A

The popularity of Miss A as a whole was high, but Suzy’s presence became stronger as she earned the title of ‘Nation’s First Love’ thanks to the movie ‘Architecture 101’.  This led to concerns from fans, such as Suzy being bullied by other members and concerns about the future of Miss A.


In the end, Miss A disbanded in December 2017 after 7 years of activities. Recently, former member Fei said in an interview, calming the negative rumors, “Suzy only trained for 10 months before her debut. The other three members had longer trainee periods, so Suzy put a lot of effort into keeping up with us. When we first debuted as Miss A, Suzy worked really hard.  A lot of people say that they know Miss A because of Suzy, but I don’t think this is important.”


Suzy has been active as an actress since the disbandment of Miss A. She has appeared in dramas such as ‘Big’, ‘Gu Family Book’, ‘Uncontrollably Fond’ and ‘Anna’. She recently began filming ‘The Girl Downstairs.’

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