The worrying sleeping habits of famous Kpop idols have concerned fans 

Celebrities often have to take a nap during their promotions due to their urgent schedules.

However, many other stars have confessed to having insomnia. Singer Chungha, for example, appeared on the KBS Joy program “Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller” last year, and admitted that she only slept for about 2 hours a day.


According to Chungha, she developed insomnia due to various pressures and worries about her health. 

IU, a top idol-actress, also shared her unusual sleeping habits. 

On September 17th and 18th, IU held two concerts at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Songpa-gu, Seoul, and behind-the-scenes videos of the two nights were recently published on her YouTube channel. 

In a video, a manager asked IU, “Did you have a good dream?”, to which the idol-actress answered, “I couldn’t sleep, so I didn’t dream”. 

IU then invoked worries by saying, “You sleep everyday? I only need to sleep once every two days.” 

It seems that IU couldn’t sleep well because of her concert preparations. She admitted she felt sleepy as she yawned and stretched her body.

On this day, IU also ate seaweed soup along with the side dishes her mother had personally prepared to fill her stomach before the performance.

IU, who couldn’t sleep well at night but was full of energy, perfectly completed her concerts and received cheers from many audiences.

However, when fans learned that IU had not slept properly that day, many showed deep concerns. They also expressed worries and emphasized that this is not the first time IU mentioned having sleeping problems. 

iu sleeping habits

In particular, when she appeared on the JTBC program “Famous Singers” last year, IU confessed, “Sometimes I sleep well and sometimes I don’t, but I usually don’t sleep well.”

IU also gave “Hot Tips” that if one can’t sleep, they can give up sleeping and do something else.

In 2017, IU appeared on the MBC M show “Picnic Live sound landscape” and the background story behind her lyrics for the song “Through the Night”.

iu sleeping habits

“Through the Night” is a track loved not only by fans but also by the public, and is praised for its impressive lyrics such as, “Tonight, I’ll send you the firefly from that day to your window. That means that I love you.”

Regarding the lyrics, IU said, “I often have trouble sleeping at night. Sleep is very important to me.”

She said that there are times when one would miss the person they love so much at night, but it’s not possible to wake them up because it’s time for them to sleep.


At this time, instead of waking up the one she loves, IU explained that she hoped to send a firefly to protect their window and a good’s night sleep, showing her love in such a manner. 

Source: insight

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