Meet Baeksang 2022’s Best New Actress winner Kim Hye Jun: The next Kim So Yeon of the K-drama scene

Interesting things about Kim Hye Joon, the actress who won the Best New Actress award (Drama category) at Baeksang 2022.

Recently, Kim Hye Jun was honored at the Baeksang Awards 2022. She received the award for the best new actress (TV series category). However, for many audiences, this is probably still a relatively unfamiliar name. Now, let’s find out interesting things about her.

Who is Kim Hye Jun?

Kim Hye Jun is a South Korean actress born on May 8, 1995. She graduated from Hanyan University‘s Theater and Film Department and started her acting career in 2016.

Like many other actors, Kim Hye Jun started her career by playing supporting roles. However, after that, her role in film projects became bigger and bigger. Kim Hye Jun is best known for her characters in the series Kingdom and Inspector Koo.

Kim Hye Jun’s first role was in “Dr. Romantic”

Her first role was in Dr. Romantic

Kim Hye Jun’s first role was in the hit series Dr. Romantic. Of course, at that time she only took on a small role. But thanks to her good looks and acting ability, the actress received compliments from the audience as well as the filmmakers.


Got a turning point in the career thanks to the villain role in Kingdom

Kim Hye Jun is a talented actress, but it was only after 4 years that her career had the first big turning point. Specifically, that was when she had the opportunity to play the sinister young queen in season 2 of Kingdom.

This is one of the most important roles of the work, but Kim Hye Jun overcame the pressure to successfully portray the hateful queen.

Kim Hye Jun in Kingdom

Kingdom is a hit Korean historical series. Set in the 16th century and three years after the end of the Imjin WarKingdom takes place in a fictional, medieval-inspired Joseon (modern-day Korea) and blends political thriller and elements from zombie horror. The story follows Lee Chang, the Crown Prince of Joseon, who attempts to investigate the mysterious illness recently afflicting the King, only to find himself caught in the middle of a deadly epidemic ravaging the Kingdom of Joseon. While trying to save the Kingdom from the plague, he must also stop his political opponents from seizing the throne.

Following the success of Kingdom, Kim Hye Jun received another villain role – Inspector Koo’s Song Yi Kyung. This is also the role that helped her be honored at this year’s Baeksang Awards.

Although she seems cute, in the eyes of the character Song Yi Kyung, we still see an evil look. This is proof of Kim Hye Jun’s acting ability.

The character Song Yi Kyung is a cold-blooded killer who hides under the appearance of a perfect schoolgirl. Thanks to her sweet visuals and good acting ability, Kim Hye Jun makes the audience feel that this is a role that was born only for her.

This perfect schoolgirl turns out to be a cold-blooded killer.

Beautiful and sweet visuals

Kim Hye Jun‘s two most memorable roles so far are both villains. But there is an interesting thing, that in real life she has a sweet and pure visuals.

Haven’t seen Kingdom and Inspector Koo, who dares to say this face is suitable for a villain role?

Besides the best new actress award at Baeksang 2022, what achievements has she ever achieved?

In addition to the Best New Actress award (TV series category) at Baeksang 2022, Kim Hye Jun also received a similar award at the 2019 Blue Dragon Awards (Anther Child) and at the 2020 MBC Drama Awards (Chip In).

She has a pretty visual, but she’s very capable of acting as a villain

Ai Baeksang last year, the Best Actress award went to Kim So Yeon. Although she has not won the same prestigious award as her senior, it is clear that Kim Hye Jun has made great strides in the past 2 years. If she continues to take on other villains to develop her skills, she can completely become the perfect successor of Kim So Yeon.

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