Court rejects arrest warrant for Hook CEO Kwon Jin Young on embezzlement charges, “No risk of escaping”

Hook Entertainment’s CEO Kwon Jin Young who is having a legal dispute with Lee Seung Gi, did not get arrested.

On August 29th, Seoul Southern District Court’s Judge Yoo Hwan Woo conducted a review of Kwon Jin Young’s arrest warrant application. In the end, he rejected the arrest warrant, saying “There’s no change in the suspect’s residence, and most of the evidence related to criminal charges have already been collected”.

The Judge explained, “Considering the progress of the investigation, and the attitude of the suspect during the questioning, such as compensating the victim for all the damages, it is difficult to confirm the risk of destroying evidence and escaping”.

Kwon Jin Young

According to the police, the National Police Agency’s Serious Crime Investigation Division applied for an arrest warrant for CEO Kwon Jin Young, who was accused of embezzlement, last week. In particular, CEO Kwon is suspected of having embezzled 4 billion won of Hook’s money from 2012 to October last year. 

In addition, CEO Kwon is under investigation for allegedly obtaining Zolpidem illegally and was sent to prosecution in June.

Apart from CEO Kwon, the police are also investigating singer Lee Sun Hee on embezzlement charges. Lee Sun Hee established One Entertainment in 2013 and served as CEO until June of last year. She was investigated on suspicion of misusing company funds. In fact, CEO Kwon used to be a director at One Entertainment.

lee seung gi

Moreover, Hook was involved in a legal dispute with Lee Seung Gi over settlements of undisclosed music revenue. Hook paid Lee Seung Gi 5.4 billion won, but Lee Seung Gi’s side disagreed with it and continued the legal battle.

Source: Nate

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