Controversy over (G)I-DLE’s singing line after Soojin’s departure 

Besides Shuhua, the singing line of (G)I-DLE’s beauty – Miyeon – is also controversial.

On March 14th, (G)I-DLE officially made a comeback with the MV TOMBOY on the album I Never Die. This is the CUBE girl group’s first comeback after 1 year and 2 months, and also the first time after member Soojin’s departure because of school violence scandal in the past.


With only 5 members left, many thought the group’s singing line would not cause much controversy when the average singing time of each member increases. However, the singing line is more for those who are not wanted by the fans.

Line distribution of (G)I-DLE members in the song TOMBOY.

Specifically, the composer of the song, Soyeon, has the most vocal line in the group. Compared to the previous song “HWAA“, Soyeon‘s line percentage has even increased quite a bit. Originally, Soyeon was considered the “ace” of (G)I-DLE, but the fact that she increasingly has more opportunities and makes the other members have less space to show off made fans not very satisfied.

Although Shuhua in this comeback has more time, ranked 2nd, but the fact that she still has to take on the humming parts and not a full sentence does not make the fans too happy. Most especially, the group’s visual Miyeon can only sing for 14 seconds, the lowest in the group.

 Netizen’s comment:

    – Is it possible to reduce Soyeon’s line?

    – Shuhua only sang 1 line, the rest is just the la la la parts.

    – It’s not fair if Soyeon can sing a lot because she is the composer.

    – Give Miyeon opportunity to shine, she’s talented too.

    – There are only 5 members in the group, but they can’t even divide the singing line equally.

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