Chuu, “I Want To Be Strong Like Jessi”+ Jessi’s Advice

Jessi advised Chuu how to become strong and intense

Singer Jessi and Chuu appeared as guests on the latest episode of cable channel tvN’s variety program “Amazing Saturday,” which aired on the afternoon of October 21st.

In the program, Shin Dong-yeop asked the two, “What did Jesse and Chuu talk about in there before the show started?”

Then Chuu replied, “I said I wanted to be as intense and strong as Jessi, but she said I could do that right away.”


In response, Jesse said, “I said you can do it with confidence, not right away.”

Chuu said, “Wow, you’re really intense,” as Jessi greeted the camera while waiting for the opening entrance. “When will I be able to do this?” she said.

Jessi then advised, “It’s just confidence,” and Chuu said, “Being able to do it with confidence is so good.”

“I want to do it confidently, but the opening is too long,” Jessi said, grumbling at the camera and drawing laughter.

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