ChoA, AOA’s former member, came back with her alluring body figure

AOA’s former member, Cho A is making headlines by showing off her glamorous body figure.

On August 24, ChoA posted a photo on her Instagram to share about her daily life. In the caption, she wrote, “K Beauty is becoming more famous these days. However, due to the prolonged Corona Virus pandemic, exports have been decreased. I hope that the small and medium-sized enterprises with high-quality products will become more popular in foreign countries.

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In the photo, Cho A smiled while she was sitting on a sofa indoors. She wore a deep V shirt and showed off her alluring body figures, catching fans’ attention.

Meanwhile, Cho A returned to the entertainment industry with her appearance in the show “On & Off season 2” as a cast member. After that, she also showed up on various reality shows, including “Running Man”, “March of the Ants” and “Where is My Home”, proving that she has come back to be active as a celebrity.

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