China issued a ban on excessive makeup and excessive use of filters

China’s broadcast industry officials have outlawed the excessive use of filters to edit actors’ faces.

According to Chinanews on July 7, at a seminar held by the General Administration of Radio and Television on July 4, deputy director Zhou Yonglei said: “It is necessary to adhere to a fresh, simple, strong and powerful healthy aesthetic taste, and resolutely resist excessive makeup, and excessive use of filters.

Filmmakers must select actors carefully and improve their acting training. Authorities disagree with the trend of casting performers only based on reputation, without taking into account whether or not an actor’s appearance, vibe, or performing style are appropriate for the role.

During the event, the representative of the General Department reiterated other regulations, including the prohibition of “plastic surgery”, “girlfriend” aesthetic”.

The regulator’s regulations prompted many comments on Weibo. According to a poll on Chinanews on the use of filters to edit actors’ images, 18,000 people said that it “needs to be based on the level”, 13,000 people disagreed because it “badly affects the viewer’s experience” and “more than 2,300 people said they liked movies with filters.

A user named Nuquan expressed approval for the ban on overly manipulating the appearance of actors, but disapproved of other rules, calling them inflexible and constrictive of artistic expression. Another account named Ningmeng wrote, “Why do they force everyone to follow an aesthetic point of view?“and earned more than 22,000 likes.

Blogger Xiaohei believes that film crews have the right to use filters according to their preferences. “Let them decide on their own products. Regulation is unnecessary because it is the market’s rule that if the results are poor, they will suffer their own losses “Xiaohei wrote.

On the film, producers and stars reportedly spent a lot of money in recent years to smooth the skin and slim the face, according to the Sohu site. Actors are required to be faultless and wrinkle-free in numerous works, including featuring crying and laughing scenes. Yang Mi’s face was so heavily edited in “Novoland Pearl Eclipse” that it gave the impression that the viewer was viewing her through a fog. The faces of Chen Xingxu, Zhang Jingyi in “Fall in Love”, and Ju Jingy in “Rebirth For You” all suffered the same fate.

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