Cha Eun Woo Safely Returns to Korea After the Shocking Knife Attack Incident at MTV VMAJ 2023

The South Korean Media Updates on the Current Situation of Cha Eun Woo and NCT After the Awards Ceremony

The horrifying knife attack occurred at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2023 (MTV VMAJ 2023) on the evening of November 23, causing a stir these days. Notably, South Korean media reported that singer Cha Eun Woo (ASTRO) and the music group NCT NEW TEAM were present at the event.

On the morning of November 27, Osen reported that the wounded woman was the attacker and that she admitted to having stabbed herself. Additionally, the investigating authorities have not publicly disclosed the true purpose of that woman

cha eun woo
Cha Eun Woo…
nct new team
nct new team
… and NCT NEW TEAM attended the MTV VMAJ 2023 awards ceremony just a few days ago.

Earlier, The Japan Times reported that the assailant unexpectedly used a dangerous weapon to stab a female audience member in her 40s in the abdomen, causing the victim serious injuries. However, witnesses say they only saw police and ambulances arrive without detecting the presence of the perpetrator leaving the scene.

It is known that no artists were injured in the unfortunate incident on the night of November 23. According to Osen, Cha Eun Woo safely returned to South Korea after completing his schedule at the MTV VMAJ 2023 awards ceremony in Japan. In addition, the members of NCT NEW TEAM also appeared at Incheon Airport on the morning of November 27 in a safe and healthy condition.

cha eun woo
Cha Eun Woo returned to Korea after completing his schedule in Japan.
nct new team
Members of NCT NEW TEAM revealed at the South Korean airport this morning (November 27).
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