Celebrities who were straight-A students that got into prestigious universities with their own CSAT result

These celebrities were so good at studying, they got into Korea’s top universities with their own CSAT result and not a free-pass for famous people. 

Song Joong-Ki

Business Administration Department of Sungkyunkwan University / CSAT: 380 out of 400 points

Actor Song Joong-ki, who captivated not only Korea but also Asia with his drama “Descendants of the Sun”, was once a short-track speed skater in middle school. However, after suffering an unexpected injury, he decides to quit short-track speed skating and focus on his studies.

song joong ki predebut

Actor Song Joong-ki’s high school report card, which was released on a broadcast in the past, is full of As. After two challenges, he received a score of 380 out of 400 points on the CSAT and enter the Department of Business Administration at Sungkyunkwan University which has a 45:1 competition rate.

song joong ki university predebut

In particular, actor Song Joong-ki gained so much popularity thanks to his outstanding appearance during his time at the retake academy that many girls were waiting at the back door just to see him. Even after entering university, he gained popularity by working as an announcer for the school broadcasting stations and as a cover model for school promotional brochures. He also appeared on a quiz program under the title of “Sungkyunkwan Univ. Ulzzang” and even won second place.

song joong ki university predebut
song joong ki university predebut

Actor Song Joong-ki mentioned his “desire for competitiveness” as a part of his study secrets. In a media interview, he said, “When I was in school, I was faithful to my studies,” adding, “I realized that I was competitive and motivated to study by creating elements that would stimulate my desire to win.

Lee Sang-yoon

Department of Physics at Seoul National University / CSAT: 370 out of 400 points.

Actor Lee Sang-yoon is called the “Male Kim Tae-hee” and “Your Mom’s Friend’s Son” for his handsome appearance and tremendous academic background. 

However, he was expelled due to accumulated academic warnings, and eventually, after re-admission, he repeatedly took his leave of absence and return to school many times due to his acting activities, and finally received a bachelor’s degree in 2013, 13 years after admission.

Lee Sangyoon university predebut

Actor Lee Sang-yoon mentioned the secret of passing Seoul National University on SBS entertainment show “All The Butlers“, “I dozed off only once throughout my senior high school class. I didn’t get up from my seat from my arrival at school ‘til before I went home. I memorized English words even during break time,” he said, adding that he had slept when he had to sleep instead.

Han Ga-in

Department of Hotel Management at Kyung Hee University / CSAT: 380 out of 400 points

Actress Han Ga-in, has been known as one of the top five in her school since she was a student at Baehwa Girls’ High School. When she was in high school, she once appeared on KBS “Challenge Golden Bell” and showed her ability as she pass up to level 34.

Han Ga-in

It is known that she originally aimed to enter medical school, but failed to go to medical school because she was lacking the point for one subject on the actual CSAT. Although she couldn’t go to medical school, she succeeded in entering the Department of Hotel Management at Kyung Hee University with 384 out of 400 points on the CSAT.

Han Ga-in

Actress Han Ga-in mentioned “time” as her study secrets. She said that she went to the “Gosiwon” (a small, one-room type of apartment) in front of her school and studied to save commuting time when she was in school. 

Han Ga-in

However, she also said she neglected her studies because there was an internet café downstairs in the “Gosiwon” building. Actor Han Ga-in once confessed a drop in her studies was due to her frequent visit to that internet  café in a media interview, saying, “Of course, it’s an excuse, but I could have gone to a better university if I didn’t go to that internet café.

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