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KBS2’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Café Minamdang” opened the door for new-concept investigation works.

On June 27th, episode 1 of “Café Minamdang” (directed by Go Jae-hyun, Yoon Ra-young/written by Park Hye-jin) recorded a viewership rating of 5.7% (provided by Nielsen Korea, based on the metropolitan area), ranking first among Monday-Tuesday dramas.

On this day’s broadcast, the unusual relationship between the narcissist shaman Nam Han-joon (Seo In-guk) and the homicide detective Han Jae-hee (Oh Yeon-seo) was depicted, giving thrilling fun.

cafe minamdang

In particular, the perfect combination of characters full of individuality and actors who are united in harmony, and the exciting development of “the good triumphing over the evil” captivated viewers. On top of that, the investigation method of Minamdang’s employees, which breaks the existing framework, and the interesting directing that crosses comics and thrillers were added, leading to hot responses from episode 1.

Episode 1 attracted attention from the beginning with the appearance of Nam Han-joon watching interviewees at MK Noble Hotel. Nam Han-joon appeared in a fashionable suit, sat at the top of the CEO’s office, looked at the monitor and pulled out interviewees’ wrong history, such as unfair dismissal and kleptomania, like tweezers. Seo In-guk’s amazing acting and cool development gave viewers thrills.

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In addition, the aspect of the café Minamdang’s team members, who are full of individuality, properly raised interest. Barista Gong Soo-cheol (Kwak Si-yang) boasted his dialect ability, which was contrary to the appearance of a “chic city guy”, and even showed off his wild charm of destroying the criminal’s vehicle without hesitation. As a former National Intelligence Service (NIS) ace, Nam Hye-joon (Kang Mi-na) activated her genius hacker mode to dig up customers’ information, and caused laughter by showing “real sibling” chemistry with her older brother Nam Han-joon.

President Kwon (Woo Hyun) appeared in front of them and asked them to find his secret mistress who ran away with his property. With the help of team members, Nam Han-joon succeeded in tracing her and conducted an unpredictable investigation.

cafe minamdang

On the other hand, Han Jae-hee formed a relationship with detectives of the violent crimes section team 7. Jang Doo-jin (Jung Man-sik) and Kim Sang-hyeop (Heo Jae-ho) misunderstood Han Jae-hee, who appeared at the police station, as a newcomer, but they felt puzzled by her swift movements like the wind, arresting criminals in one big raid. Amid high expectations for the unpredictable chemistry of those who had an intense first meeting, Oh Yeon-seo’s outspoken action, which exploded girl crush, made viewers’ hearts beat fast.

Café Minamdang

Nam Han-joon received a request from VVIP customer Lee Min-kyung (Hwang Woo-seul-hye) for her husband Shin Kyung-ho (Kim Won-sik), who returned with blood. After tracking CCTV and profiling, Minamdang’s team members found out that he had been hit and run, found a dying victim at the scene and reported it to the police. Han Jae-hee, who arrived at the scene of the incident, immediately recognized Nam Han-joon, who had been entangled in a shocking incident in the past, and froze. However, Nam Han-joon told Gong Soo-cheol, “You can’t tell just by looking at it.” He showed the aspect of a narcissist, signaling the start of a dangerous investigation in which people each have different purposes.

Afterwards, Han Jae-hee, who considered Nam Han-joon suspicious and searched through Minamdang’s trash can, was suspected of being a stalker by employees and engaged in a sudden chase. Han Jae-hee, who jumped over the wall and ran away with her ghostly speed, and Nam Han-joon, who chased after her, heralded the beginning of a strange relationship with their fierce eyes.

Café Minamdang

At the end of the broadcast, the past of Nam Han-joon and Han Jae-hee, who looked at the burned body in vain, hinted at an unusual connection, further making viewers curious about the future story.

Episode 2 of “Café Minamdang” will air at 9:50 p.m. on June 28th (today).

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