Straightforward like YG idols: Publicly dissed ex-boyfriend and Korean media

YG idols are known for being the most outspoken artists in K-pop. Fans are already used to seeing them bluntly dissing the media right on TV.

Idols’ personal lives are always valuable “baits” that any media channel would want to take advantage of to report exclusive news. Usually, idols choose to stay silent to avoid the media. However, there are still many idols who do not stand being “victims”. With straightforward personalities, YG artists have publicly shown their direct responses, making netizens feel satisfied.

Somi “dissed” her ex-boyfriend for cheating on her

As expected of a YG idol, Somi called out her ex-boyfriend publicly without hesitation. Somi recently appeared on the YouTube channel Hwangtae and Yang Miri. The female singer revealed that she used to date when she was in high school. Somi’s boyfriend was a member of the soccer team.

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Somi also exposed the real name of her ex-boyfriend, surprising host Yang Sechan: “Why all of a sudden? I couldn’t stop you.” Sechan had to tell the editing team to edit in a beep sound to protect the identity of Somi’s ex.

However, Somi continued to repeat her ex’s name twice. As it turned out, Somi used to be cheated on by her boyfriend. The female idol said: “He only went out with me for 2 weeks and then went on to date my friend.” Netizens couldn’t help but laugh when they saw how straightforward the “youngest girl” of YG was.

G-Dragon’s diss track targeting MAMA right at MAMA

At the 2014 MAMA Awards, G-Dragon had a rap performance to diss MAMA that surprised the audience and the award organizers. The male idol was the one who set the trend of directly “shading” Korean awards and media platforms.

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 “It’s been a year, MAMA. Because you set such a large table, you hand it out generously so your children don’t fight. I’m all grown up now so I get full from even watching, Just feed the younger ones.”

The veteran idol’s lyrics implied that these awards’ results had already been arranged.

T.O.P and his “legendary” prank

As a YG fan, everyone knows about the legendary prank that T.O.P prepared for the Korean media. On July 6, 2019, T.O.P was formally discharged from the army, and 700 VIPs and reporters gathered in front of the Yongsan Craft Museum to welcome the male idol. The speaking position for T.O.P was also prepared by reporters.

Unlike the expectations of the reporters, TOP discreetly came home in a different way. This information was only known by T.O.P’s fansite masters. They assisted the male idol in holding a fan meeting 300 meters away from the museum in secret. T.O.P and his fans had an intimate meeting with no one to interrupt them, and he constantly bent his head, showing his appreciation to the fans.

Meanwhile, the reporters who had been waiting for T.O.P since the early hours of the morning were unaware that they had been fooled. Because the male idol had “vanished,” a series of articles like “BIGBANG TOP after being discharged from the army, quietly leaving despite fans outside,” and “BIGBANG TOP disappearing behind fans” were published.

Jennie threw shade at Dispatch.

2019 can be considered a turbulent year for Jennie as she was revealed by Dispatch to be dating Kai (EXO). It was thought that Jennie would quietly ignore it, but it turned out that the female idol had prepared a surprising “gift” for Dispatch at the 8th Gaon Chart Music Awards.

Jennie charmed the audience with her captivating aura while dressed in a stunning red dress. At the beginning of the SOLO stage, the rapper recreated the image of reporters constantly aiming the camera at her. However, she still stood with a cool expression without fear in the center of the circle. This action was Jennie’s way of implying that she would not be affected by Dispatch.


YG stars have been always renowned for their straightforward attitudes. Thus, fans even joked that Somi had learned it from her “sunbae”.

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