Korean actors who became popular thanks to starring in Netflix’s original series

Thanks to their roles in the dramas produced by Netflix, the following actors could quickly blow up.

If TV stations in Korea are the “playground” of familiar and famous actors in the industry, Netflix is ​​“giving birth” to new rising stars of the Korean entertainment industry. Since its launch, Netflix has helped many actors leave an impression on the audience and significantly boost their popularity.

Wi Ha Joon

The series Squid Game has recently become a hit even though it is only broadcast online on Netflix. Thanks to its global influence, the cast of Squid Game also became the focus of attention, especially the new faces. Wi Ha Joon shows off his excellent aura at the age of 30 with his role of an undercover police officer in the viral series.

Debuted for 9 years, but he still couldn’t make a name for himself until he took on a supporting role in Squid Game. Wi Ha Joon has now gained a great amount of attention. Fans fall for his charming visual, cute eye smile and are impressed with his long legs. After Squid Game, Wi Ha Joon is already confirmed to appear in another project, tvN’s new drama Bad And Crazy. He will be acting alongside Lee Dong Wook and Han Ji Eun.

Jung Ho Yeon

Another rising actress who blew up “overnight” thanks to Squid Game is Jung Ho Yeon. In the drama, she plays Kang Sae Byeok, a player with the aim to earn money to find her family and take her brother out of the orphanage. Thanks to her appearance in Squid Game, the model-actress’s Instagram went from having only 400,000 followers to over 4 million after just a few days. That’s enough to see how great the impact of this Netflix production is. Jung Ho Yeon turns 27 years old this year. She is a top model, the runner-up of Korea’s Next Top Model 4 in 2013. She has also appeared in major fashion shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

Squid Game is Jung Ho Yeon’s first acting role, but as soon as she challenged herself with this new path, she immediately went viral. Jung Ho Yeon seems to be destined to become an actress. Jung Ho Yeon is praised for her natural acting, charismatic, unique visual and an adorable smile. These factors have helped her attract the audience’s attention. Netflix has given Jung Ho Yeon a golden opportunity to build a solid foundation to move on with her acting career.

Koo Kyo Hwan

Before ‘Squid Game’, Netflix also released the military movie ‘D.P.’ and also attracts a lot of attention, is highly appreciated, creating a big discussion topic on social networks. Thanks to this work, the audience noticed Koo Kyo Hwan, the second male role after Jung Hae In in the movie. The charismatic looks and top acting in D.P. helped the 38-year-old actor gain attention for the first time after many years of acting.


Koo Kyo Hwan is not a new name, he has participated in a lot of movies, both TV and movie, but still lacks a lot and stops at supporting roles. Until ‘D.P.’ then people will look at him, even many people mistakenly think that he has just hit the cinema lane and think that it is too late. Anyway, Koo Kyung Hwan finally caught the attention, as long as he seizes the opportunity, there will be more glorious years at the age of nearly 40.

Tang Joon Sang

Referring to the must-see Netflix blockbuster this year, ‘Move To Heaven’ is indispensable. The plot of the series is a very touching story about the service workers who clean up the remains of the deceased and the story that no one knows about them. Tang Joon Sang‘s role as a mentally ill boy Geu Ru really shined next to Lee Je Hoon, helping the actor born in 2003 attract strong attention.

Tang Joon Sang is only 18 years old, but he already has extremely good acting skills in this work, giving him the opportunity to break through faster in his relatively young acting career. Tang Joon Sang is very talented, since 2010 he has participated in musicals, in 2014 started to play in television, in 2016 he entered the movie industry, but the young man still has not had any impressive roles. Fortunately, after ‘Move To Heaven’, this young actor was known. Soon after, the 18-year-old male had an equally impressive role in SBS’s ‘Racket Boys’. I believe that Tang Joon Sang’s future will be more open from 2021.

Song Kang

Referring to the “tyrant” character thanks to Netflix, how can it be without the handsome male lead Song Kang. This guy can be said to be Netflix’s “baby” because Song Kang‘s reputation and career is as popular as it is today thanks to the promotion of this platform. From ‘Love Alarm’ to ‘Sweet Home’, Netflix gave the handsome actor born in 1994 golden opportunities for promotion. Both of these works were released very successfully, with global coverage helping the guy from the unknown to become a sought-after name.

From 2019 to now, only 2 years since ‘Love Alarm’, Song Kang has been the most expensive 9x handsome guy when the movie comes to hand continuously, all of his roles are male leads and paired with top stars. In 2021 alone, Song Kang has released 3 works, is filming a new movie, can be said to be busier than many other stars. And yet, his reputation has also risen rapidly, becoming one of the most popular young stars today.

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