“Burning Sun Scandal” Jung Joon-young Will Be Released From Prison In 4 Months

The whereabouts of Jung Joon-young and his friends, who were sentenced in the Burning Sun Scandal, draw attention

On December 8th, netizens in online communities re-examine the news that there are only four months left until Jung Joon-young is released from prison.

Jung Joon-young and Choi Jong-hoon’s sex crimes were revealed during the investigation into Seungri’s Burning Sun Scandal. While investigating Seungri’s crimes, the police found a group chat room on his phone, known as “Jung Joon-young’s Group Chat Room”.


In January 2016, Jung Joon-young and Choi Jong-hoon were sentenced to prison for sexually assaulting a woman after getting her drunk along with Burning Sun’s former MD Kim, employee Kwon and former entertainment agency employee Heo.

In particular, Jung Joon-young was accused of distributing illegally filmed videos 11 times, including sex videos and photos taken secretly in group chat rooms for several months from the end of 2015. 

Jung Joon-young was later imprisoned for six years in the first trial. However, his sentence was reduced to five years in the second trial. He was confirmed by the Supreme Court in September 2020 and is currently serving his sentence. He is scheduled to be released from prison on March 20th, 2024.

choi jong hoon

Returning to society after paying for his crimes in court and completing his sentence, Choi Jong-hoon sparked controversy as he maintained the attitude of not reflecting on his wrongdoings. 

After being released from prison, Choi Jong-hoon and his mother to a church. Choi Jong-hoon’s mother even raised her voice complaining, “Why did you guys make a fuss over small things? Why do you do this to someone who is trying to live in faith? After all these times, God will take care of everything”.

Seungri continues to be criticized for controversy over his private life, such as getting witnessed at clubs, drinking with wealthy Indonesians, partying with drug convictions and Chinese actors, two-timing, etc.

Source: Insight

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