BTS V invited on Lisa’s private plane to Paris thanks to his relationship with Jennie?… “The plane was provided by CELINE, not Lisa”

BTS’s V, BLACKPINK’s Lisa and actor Park Bo-gum made hot topics since they appeared at CELINE Paris Collection Fashion Show.

V, Lisa and Park Bo-gum visited Paris, France to attend the 2023 S/S Season Menswear Collection of luxury brand CELINE on June 26th as guests.

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The fact that the three reportedly used a private plane for their flight to Paris, France drew keen attention from not only Korean netizens but also fans around the world. V posted on his SNS account some proof shots of him doing various poses on the private plane. Jennie and Park Bo-gum also made headlines by also posting photos to commemorate their trip on the private plane.

Lisa instagram

Above all, the report that Lisa rent the private plane also gained huge attention. Some netizens began to spread groundless rumors that Lisa invited V and V’s best friend Park Bo-gum to take a ride on the private plane due to the influence of Jennie, who was recently caught up in a dating rumor with V.


Controversy over the private plane intensified as U.S media published articles that caused rumors to spread even more. Citing the words on a private plane engineer’s SNS, the U.S media outlet Clout News said, “Lisa paid the rent of the private plane”. 

Lisa instagram

However, this was not true at all. The private plane that the three used for their trip to France was provided by the luxury brand CELINE, not Lisa. Controversies over the private plane were sparked in the aftermath of Jennie and V’s romantic relationship rumors, causing trouble to not only Jennie but also Lisa, V and even Park Bo-gum.

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