BTS shared what would happen if a member want to leave the group, disclosed they almost disbanded

BTS will no longer be whole if a member decides to leave the group. However, they will respect each other’s wishes if such a thing happens. 

In the first episode of the 2020 BTS documentary series “Break The Silence”, the world-famous boy group BTS discussed the hardships they experienced throughout their careers, including an event in 2018, where the group came close to disbandment. The year was filled with doubts and pressures, but managed to become one of BTS’s best years, according to J-Hope. RM also added that in the end, they decided against separating, despite each member having different aims and perspectives. 

bts jin
Jin once revealed at the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Award (2018) that BTS considered disbanding

Following RM’s words, Suga talked about what BTS would do if a member did choose to leave. Saying: “Somehow, even “family” isn’t enough to describe the bond between us. We can just leave things aside, and just articulate the many ways we can improve and further grow.”  

The male idol then added: “We have a lot of respect for each other. So if someone, for some reason, decided they no longer want to continue, we’d try to convince him and recall our issues, trying to overcome possible challenges.” 

However, in the end, it’s the member’s feelings that matter, Suga said, and they can’t force the member to stay if he is still against it. 

“We understand, really. It’s their life so we respect that”, Suga concluded. 

bts suga
Suga explained that group will respect any decisions, even if a member chose to leave BTS

BTS has since overcome the turbulent 2018, and is still as tight as ever, even recently celebrating their 9th year anniversary with their new album “Proof” back in June. The group has also announced a temporary break from group activities, where they will focus on individual schedules and growth, starting with J-Hope’s solo album “Jack In The Box”. V has also been attending fashion events, while Jungkook just dropped the collaboration song “Left and Right” with famous pop singer-songwriter Charlie Puth

As long as BTS is 7, there’s no adversities they can’t surpass and no issues that cannot be resolved, it seems. 

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