BTS RM defeated “Superman” Henry Cavill in visual ranking, leading to mix responses 

Many netizens cast doubt when BTS RM was voted as “World’s Most Handsome Face” of 2022, surpassing famous actor Henry Cavill. 

American media platform TC Candler recently updated the winner for their “World’s Most Handsome Faces of 2022” ranking.

In recent years, the 1st place has always belonged to British actor and Hollywood star Henry Cavill. However, this year, BTS RM successfully dethroned the “Superman” star to become the most handsome man of 2022. 

While this is only an early estimation before the official result is announced in December, the fact that BTS RM surpassed a Hollywood star is extremely note-worthy for many Kpop fans, though not necessarily in a positive way. 

For ARMYs (fans of BTS), this is an extremely good news, and many fans took to social media to write posts like “No offense but Henry Cavill looks more like a muscular rectangle than a handsome man”, “RM deserves this title since he’s gorgeous both inside and outside”, “BTS’s Kim Nam Joon is now replacing Henry Cavill to become the world’s most handsome man!! The world is right again!!”, and various more. 

However, contrary to ARMYs’ excited reactions, many international audiences feel confused about such a result. To them, when put their image side by side, there’s no reason why RM defeated Henry Cavill in a visual ranking, and some even went as far as to accuse TC Candler’s poll of being fraudulent. 

It’s easy to find comments like “Henry Cavill lost to RM of all things?? Are you kidding me?”, and “Ok, beauty is subjective but I can’t fathom this at all. Like, sorry ARMYs, but Henry Cavill is miles ahead of RM” on various forums and SNSS sites. 

BTS RM, whose real name is Kim Nam Joon, was born in 1994 in South Korea. He is a famous rapper, composer, and music producer, who gains immense popularity as the leader of world-famous Kpop boy group BTS. 

Henry Cavill, born in 1983, is a famous British actor who plays Superman in all movies belonging to the DC Cinematic Universe. He also stars in various other notable works, such as “The Witcher” and “Enola Holmes”.  

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