A picture of BTS Jungkook eating pizza going viral on SNS. “Ordering pizza now will take 2 hours”

The whole Korea craves pizza just by seeing BTS Jungkook eating pizza. 

On June 12th, BTS member Jungkook posted a photo through his Instagram story. In the photo, a mouth-watering pizza could be seen, with a luxurious crust and a lot of toppings. 

BTS Jungkook eating pizza

The male idol did not reveal the name of the pizza brand and even erased the logo on his pizza box. However, it seems that fans discovered the brand anyway, and minutes later, a name said to be Jungkook’s choice of pizza became listed as a “popular item” on the Korean food delivery app Baemin.

The ranking of the pizza shop then soared sharply for 3 hours, going from 10th place as of 7 p.m (KST) to 3rd place as of 9 p.m. A fan, who had just certified her pizza order at the time, said: “If you order pizza now, it will take 2 hours due to the flood of orders, so I already bought it!”.

BTS Jungkook

A pizza brand also started to draw attention after promoting a new “menu that BTS’s visual god Jungkook ate”, consisting of a whole garlic bulgogi pizza with hot chicken and shrimp toppings, sweet potato crust, and fried chicken.

Earlier in May, Jungkook also made fans laugh by putting on a whole Chicago pizza-eating show on SNS.  At this food-loving update, some netizens leave comments like: “You erase the brand well”, “Today’s lunch is pizza”, “As expected, you have good taste”, and “It can only be Jungkook whose order became 3rd place trending even with the brand erased”, and “I will order the same since I believe you know what tastes good”. 

BTS Jungkook

Source: Dispatch

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