BTS Jin won 1st place on the ‘100 Most Attractive Asian People’

BTS’ Jin rose to the top of the most attractive Asians list, illuminating his unique presence.

Jin recently took first place in the ‘100 Most Attractive Asian People’ poll conducted by the K-pop website King Choice. Jin proved his immense popularity by receiving absolute support from global fans with a total of 849,785 votes.

Recently, Thai actor Nut Supanut confessed that Jin is his favorite. Nut Supanut also released a video on his YouTube account shopping for RJ, the BT21 character created by Jin, and the BTS member’s goods, as well as the clothes that Jin wore.

American media allkpop reported that Jin is famous for his ‘Worldwide Handsome’. ARMY calls Jin the ‘king of Muggles’, which means that Jin is the most attractive person to the general public, the media said.

Japanese media K-Pop Monster praised Jin’s acting skills by choosing Jin from BTS as one of the five most anticipated idols in terms of acting since he showed off his amazing acting skills in the group’s music videos.

In addition, Jin’s performance in BTS’ music videos and video performances has always been a topic of discussion.

The anticipation of fans around the world for what Jin will show in the future is growing.

Source: daum

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