Bride and mother-to-be Honey J shares first ultrasound video of her baby 

Dancer Honey J, who recently announced her marriage and pregnancy, gave a glimpse of her baby’s sonogram. 

On September 28, dancer Honey J posted a video on her Instagram story with the caption, “Revealing (my) love for the first time. Wriggling wriggling.”

In the released ultrasound video, Honey J’s baby is seen wriggling and moving. Netizens are excited as it seems that even in the womb, the baby has already inherited Honey J’s dancing talent. 

Honey J also shared a photo of someone holding her cheek lovingly before posting the ultrasound video. Honey J is smiling happily in the photo, and the hand is presumably her husband-to-be’s. 

Honey J recently received many congratulations when she broke the news of her marriage and pregnancy. 

Source: nate

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