Brian Mentions His Visit To Girl Group’s Dorm, “It Was Like Trash, I Couldn’t Help But Swear” 

“Cleaning freak” Brian shared a review of his visit to a girl group’s dormitory

KBS CoolFM’s “Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show” broadcast on December 18th featured the guest appearance of Fly to the Sky’s Brian.

Brian recently gained attention for “cleaning freak Brian” content. He shared, “Since the content became famous, I’ve received a lot of sponsor offers. When I go home after schedules, there are boxes piled up in front of my house and they are all cleaning supplies and laundry detergent”, adding “I cleaned everything before leaving home but there’s always more cleaning to do because of sponsor products. If I don’t clean them right away, I will feel very anxious. That’s why I’m always busy.”

Park Myung-soo then mentioned Brian’s reaction when visiting a girl group’s dorm that made headlines. Brian said, “I didn’t know it would become a hot topic”.

He confessed, “We all have guests sometimes. But when the guests come and our house is so messy, I think it’s impolite because our house makes the guest feel uncomfortable and think that that we are dirty”. He also emphasized that it was his real reaction whenever he saw something dirty.

In addition, Brian recalled his experience of cleaning the girl group’s dorm. Explaining the reason he made harsh remarks upon entering the dorm, Brian said, “I visited an idol girl group’s dorm and the house was like trash”, adding “I wondered, ‘Aren’t they really young women?’, ‘How can they live like this at such a young age? They should realize how dirty their dorm is’, etc. That’s why I couldn’t help but swear”.

When asked why he did not do singing activities, Brian said, “Many people know that my voice condition has been so bad for the past few years. I tried many kinds of treatment but it didn’t get any better”.

Source: Daum

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