Lee Chan Hyuk talks about Lee Su Hyun’s boyfriend, “I never liked him”

AKMU Lee Su Hyun and Lee Chan Hyuk showed off their sibling chemistry

The September 2nd broadcast of MBC’s entertainment program “Omniscient Interfering View” featured a day of AKMU Lee Su Hyun.

That day, Lee Su Hyun confessed to her manager who is about to get married, saying “I think ít time for Chan Hyuk to get married. I hope he meets a good person”. When the manager responded, “You may cry if he gets married”, Lee Su Hyun firmly said, “I’m not going to cry”.

Lee Chan-hyuk

Lee Su Hyun revealed that Lee Chan Hyuk has been dreaming of having a harmonious family, showing affection for her brother.

Watching the scene from the studio, Yoo Byung Jae said, “I wonder how Chan Hyuk would react when Su Hyun gets married?”. Lee Chan Hyuk said, “I hope you get married soon. I think the marriage life really suits Su Hyun’s personality”.

When asked if they check each other’s lovers, Lee Su Hyun said, “If I have a boyfriend, I would show everything to my brother no matter what”, surprising everyone.

Lee Chan Hyuk said, “I never liked her boyfriend. But I didn’t say anything and just thought to myself, ‘I hope she has a good experience’.” Song Eun Yi and the panelists admired their brother-sister relationship, saying “They still get along well”, adding “Not many brothers and sisters introduce lovers to each other”. 

In the meantime, Lee Su Hyun was seen practicing the choreography of AKMU’s new song “Love Lee” with Lee Chan Hyuk. When they challenged a face-to-face dance, Lee Chan Hyuk looked calm but Su Hyun refused it. She exclaimed, “It was too close. I don’t think I can sing with we stand too close”. However, Lee Chan Hyuk said, “It’s more interesting. Let’s try”.

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