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“Boys Planet” embroiled in manipulation controversy, fans begin protest campaign 

Viewers of Mnet’s “Boys Planet” demand a clear statement from the show’s production team through a truck protest.

From 8:00 AM on April 17th to 4:00 PM on April 18th, the “Boys Planet Action Alliance” (hereinafter referred to as the “Action Alliance”) will be holding a truck protest in front of Mnet’s office building on Sangam-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul. With the protest, they aim to demand clarification on issues related to the Mnet audition show “Boys Planet.”

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On the truck, phrases such as “Reveal it on live broadcast” and “No manipulation of debut members” can be seen, showing a strong determination.

Previously on the 16th, the Action Alliance posted on their official Twitter account, “The Boys Planet Action Alliance demands a clear position from Mnet on why the time for the final ‘killing part’ selection process was moved from the previously announced 10 PM to 7 PM.”

The Alliance added, “Strict adherence to time and accurate compliance with rules is a clear promise with the viewers, and it has a significant impact on the credibility of the ‘Boys Planet’ debut team selection process,” demanding “a clear explanation from Mnet related to this matter.”

Boys Planet

Furthermore, they stated, “We request Mnet to announce in advance the voting start and end times for the live broadcast of the ‘Boys Planet’ finals, where the debut team will be decided“. At the same time, they emphasized that “a clear attitude from Mnet is necessary, even for the trainees who will debut through ‘Boys Planet’ in the future.”

Previously, the individual fancam of “Boys Planet” participant Seok Matthew for the “Here I Am” evaluation ranking soared from 35th to 9th place, and the “Like count” of the video, which serves as an evaluation standard, was made private, raising some suspicions about the credibility of the show’s results.

Many netizens also suspected that Mnet constantly “pushed” Seok Matthew, not only in his fancam ranking, but also through excessive screen time and his appearance in the “Shiny Boys” selection. 

Seok Matthew

In response, Mnet said, “All data aggregation for ‘Boys Planet,’ including the aforementioned data, is being conducted after verification by the external agency Samil PwC,” and explained that the “Shiny Boys” selection was conducted through a vote among all trainees, excluding those who had difficulty participating due to health reasons or other factors.

However, most viewers remain unconvinced, and demand for Mnet to release detailed data as well as full footage of the “Shiny Boys” selection process. 

On the other hand, the last episode of “Boys Planet” will air at 8:50 PM (KST) on April 20th. The surviving final members will debut as an idol group.

Source: Wikitree

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