BLACKPINK’s Lisa Makes K-pop History by Entering Guinness World Records 2023 

Guinness World Records has dropped the list of standout achievements for each month in 2023, and Lisa is on it

As 2023 comes to an end, all the year-end rankings are rolling out, including Guinness World Records. They’ve rounded up the most iconic moments from the past year, and BLACKPINK’s Lisa has earned a spot.

This list covers everything—from the world’s oldest person to babies beating the odds, jaw-dropping stunts and incredible music milestones. And K-pop has solidified its spot after its amazing global rise, as acknowledged by Guinness World Records.

lisa guinness

Guinness World Records said about Lisa: “2023 has been a huge year for K-pop, kicking off with three records set by BLACKPINK’s Lisa in January. She was the first solo K-pop artist to bag an MTV Video Music Award, won Best K-pop at the MTV Europe Music Award, and also claimed the title for the K-pop artist with the most Instagram followers.”

“But this is just the beginning for record-breaking activities in the K-pop world this year,” the announcement continued. “With BLACKPINK becoming the most streamed female music group on Spotify and once again, BLACKPINK’s Lisa making history as ‘LALISA’ becomes the first K-pop solo artist’s song to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify.”

It can be said that, with significant efforts in 2023, it’s not surprising that Lisa has been recognized by the Guinness World Records in its special list. Despite the controversies in the final months of the year, when BLACKPINK’s member faced criticism for performing at a strip club in France, it cannot overshadow her contributions to Korean music in general and the global music scene in particular. It’s fair to say that Lisa and the other members of BLACKPINK have played a crucial role in promoting K-pop worldwide.

Source: k14

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