BLACKPINK’s Jennie Receives Vulgar Comments After Photos With Male Friend

Jennie recently showed her close friendship with a male friend, only to be targeted by vulgar comments

On December 2, BLACKPINK’s Jennie shared selfie photos taken with Lee Joo-hyung on her Instagram. Through the photos,  it can be seen that the two stars enjoyed a fun outing at a shopping center together. 

Jennie and Lee Joo-hyung are known to be close friends in the Korean showbiz industry, and were also together on Lee Joo-hyung’s birthday in 2022. In addition, Lee Joo-hyung is also close with BTS’s V, the rumored boyfriend of Jennie.

jennie blackpink
Jennie and Lee Joo-hyung on his birthday in 2022 

However, the cute photos have attracted vulgar comments directed at Jennie. 

In particular, while many praise the adorable friendship between Jennie and Lee Joo-hyung, a portion of netizens left inappropriate comments, even using vulgar language to criticize the female idol as being flirtatious and constantly seeking male attention.

“I think there should be awards for K-celeb couples! V & Jennie would get Daesang for messiest relationship for sure”, “V is preparing to enlist, so of course, Jennie won’t be sleeping alone for the next year and a half,” “If that were my boyfriend, I’d be pretty f*cking irritated,” and “Did she break up with V?”, are comments that litter the comment section under an article about Jennie’s recent photos. 

lee joo hyung

In response, however, many fans spoke out in defense of Jennie, expressing frustration with how anti-fans deliberately distort the relationship between Jennie and Joo-hyung.

“Are men and women not allowed to be friends in South Korea??? The comments about them dating are very childish considering idols arent allowed to date or even be seen in the same room with each other. Their FRIENDship is a known thing. Quit being weird”, a fan commented, while another said, “This comment section is absolutely toxic. People from the opposite gender can be friends. These two are celebrating the birthday of one of them and this cesspit opens, with such vile comments. There is something sick about you people”.

Source: K14, AllKpop

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