BLACKPINK’s Jennie captures fans’ hearts even when sleeping

Jennie is indeed a real-life sleeping beauty! 

Jennie looks good in both photos where she poses prettily and even in those that were taken without her knowing. In today’s article, let us walk you through the moments capturing Jennie’s pretty visuals when she was… falling asleep. Is there any other idol who becomes a hot topic just for sleeping like Jennie? 

blackpink jennie
This photo of Jennie falling asleep on a chair was taken by famous photographer Hugo Comte. In an unfiltered photo, Jennie still exudes her trademark luxurious aura. In a sexy corset, Jennie’s upper body proportions are absolutely stunning. Closing her eyes but still showing a cool expression, Jennie looks like she’s doing a photoshoot. 
blackpink jennie
During the promotions for How You Like That, there was a photo of Jennie sleeping, but this time she was lying down. In a see-through top, plus Jennie’s enviable curves, don’t ask why she still looks hot even when sleeping.
blackpink jennie jisoo
Jennie has a baby face but her body is no “baby” at all 
blackpink jennie
This is just Jennie pretending to sleep, but it’s still so cute. 
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