Baekhyun’s ‘Bambi’ is reported to have sold over 1 million copies

Although he did not carry out any promotional activities, Baekhyun still achieved a very impressive achievement.

On April 16, Korean media reported that the album ‘Bambi’ by Baekhyun (EXO) has sold 1 million copies. Since it is almost time to enlist, the male idol has not done any promotional activities. However, the EXO member still excelled at this milestone. Thus, it means that solo singer Baekhyun owns 2 albums reaching milestones of selling a million copies, “Delight” (2020) and “Bambi” (2021). It is known that in Korean music history, before Baekhyun, only legendary singer Seo Taiji sold more than a million albums for both group and solo albums.

Among solo artists, Baekhyun is the latest name to be on the gold chart of the music industry’s achievements after 19 years, first with “Delight” (2020) and with “Bambi” (2021) this time. 

Last year SM presented a commendation board, honouring Baekhyun for becoming the company’s first solo artist to sell more than 1 million records (for the album “Delight”).

SM wrote: “We send this board with gratitude and hope you continue to work side by side with SM Entertainment, together towards a future of great growth and development”.

Currently, fans are waiting for SM’s confirmation of the news that the Korean newspaper published about “Bambi”.

Source: VKR

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