EXO-CBX’s side, “This case is different from ex-member Tao’s issue… We’ll never betray EXO”

The intense conflict between EXO-CBX (Baekhyun, Chen, Xiumin) and SM Entertainment has continued for five days.

On the afternoon of June 5th, EXO CBX’s legal representative issued their fourth official statement, saying “Citing the court ruling of former EXO member Tao, SM claimed that the terms of their contracts with the artists were confirmed to be legitimate in 2018. However, it is not true at all”, adding “SM has extended the exclusive period for three years through subsidiary agreements. This is an illegal act that directly contradicts the corrective order issued by the Fair Trade Commission (FTC)”.

They also emphasized, “Unlike SM’s press release, our artists and lawyers have not yet received any settlement documents”.


In the process of renewing their contracts, EXO-CBX appointed a lawyer to review the terms. At that time, they found out that the contract conditions were unfair and requested adjustments 8 times, but SM did not accept their requests. The members stated that almost none of their demands were reflected in the final contract.

EXO-CBX’s legal representative explained, “We believed that the contract was unfair, but due to SM’s persistent persuasion and the atmosphere that made it difficult for them to refuse, the artists had no choice but to sign it.” They further expressed their disappointment, saying, “Receiving settlement documents is the artists’ basic right. Can’t they even claim their basic rights after being together and working hard for more than ten years? This is so disappointing.”

Source: Naver

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