BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Jisoo overwhelmed by the Jakarta heat

The hot weather of Jakarta was so intense Jisoo and Jennie felt like they were losing weight. 

Recently, a video titled “BLACKPINK – ‘B.P.M.’ Roll #19” was uploaded on BLACKPINK’s official YouTube channel.

The video showed BLACKPINK members performing at their world tour concert in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Lisa said, “Today is our last Jakarta concert, and it’s really, really hot here. The enthusiasm from the fans is incredible, and even though it’s tough, it gives us energy.


After the concert, Jennie and Jisoo stood in front of an air conditioner. Jennie showed exhaustion from the heat. Jisoo joked, “I want to install an air conditioner in my body. When it’s hot, just press a button, and it goes ‘wing wing’.

While moving, Jennie mentioned how she wanted to take a shower desperately, and Jisoo agreed, “I want to lose five layers of weight.


Then Jisoo exclaimed, “So this is the Jakarta diet. Jakarta diet success!” Jennie also recommended the Jakarta diet, saying, “Anyone who wants to diet, come here. You automatically lose weight. Even without performing on stage.

Source: Nate

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