BLACKPINK’s concert in Thailand: Stage literally went on fire, Jennie burned by fireworks 

Girl group BLACKPINK experienced a lot of issues during the Thailand stop of their BORN PINK world tour. 

BLACKPINK recently landed in Thailand to perform their concert stop in Bangkok. With tens of thousands of audiences, the concert immediately became the talk of town. However, there were also numerous issues that happened during the night, raising concerns among fans. 

The stage literally caught fire during Lisa’s solo performance

During Lisa’s solo stage, a lot of fireworks were shot, creating an astounding scene that left the audience in awe. However, right in the beginning of the performance, one part of the stage suddenly caught on fire with noticeable flames. 

Fortunately, staff around the area was able to put out the fire and control it from spreading. Lisa hasn’t reached that part of the stage, and so was not affected by the flames. 

blackpink concert
A part of the stage caught on fire during Lisa’s performance 
blackpink concert
Fortunately, Lisa hasn’t gone to the part of the stage that went on fire 

Jennie was injured by fireworks

At the opening performance of the concert with the song “How You Like That”, Jennie was accidentally shot in the eye by fireworks. Although she tried to perform, she could not hide her pain afterwards. After that, Jennie had to step back into the wings to ask for help from the team. Some fans also discovered that Jennie had burned her arm due to fireworks. Fortunately, the incident was not too serious, so Jennie was still able to continue to perform at her best.

blackpink concert
Jennie couldn’t hide her pain
blackpink concert
Only Lisa, Jisoo, Rosé continued to perform the song How You Like That on stage after that
blackpink concert
Fans also discovered that Jennie burned her arm after the incident
blackpink concert
When she returned to the stage, Jennie didn’t forget to tell Jisoo about her accident
blackpink concert
Fortunately, despite a few setbacks, BLACKPINK nevertheless successfully finished the Thailand stop of their Asia world tour.

Source: k14

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