The power of “Youtube Queen”: BLACKPINK Lisa’s “MONEY” performance video surpasses 700 million views

According to YG Entertainment on October 21st, Lisa‘s “MONEY” Exclusive Performance Video hit 700 million views on YouTube at 6:05 pm KST the previous day. It has been about 392 days since the video was released on September 24, 2021.

With this, BLACKPINK now has a total of 11 videos with more than 700 million views on YouTube. Previously, “DDU-DU DDU-DU” (1.9 billion views), “Kill This Love” (1.6 billion views), “Boombayah” (1.4 billion views), “As if it was your last” (1.2 billion views), “How You Like That” MV (1.1 billion views), “How You Like That” performance video (1.2 billion views), Jennie’s solo song “SOLO” (800 million views), “Whistle” (800 million views), “Ice Cream” (700 million views), “Playing with Fire” (700 million views) achieved the same milestone. 


Lisa’s global popularity, which drew an explosive number of views only with her solo performance video, not an official MV, is impressive. In particular, as it is BLACKPINK’s second performance video to reach 700 million views following “How You Like That”, a new record streak is also expected in the future.

The song “MONEY” from Lisa’s first solo album “LALISA” is a hip-hop track with a minimalistic yet sophisticated sense. It has a vivid and colorful charm, and features addictive brass riffs, a strong piano sound, and unstoppable lyrics.


A month after its release, “MONEY” created an unusual sensation of climbing back up on major charts around the world, and reached the top of the iTunes Top Song Charts in 66 countries. In addition, “MONEY” charted in the UK Official Singles Top 100, US Billboard Hot 100, and Pop Airplay charts for 8 weeks, 2 weeks, and 3 weeks, respectively, winning the title of “First K-Pop Female Solo”.

BLACKPINK Seoul concert

Meanwhile, on October 15th and 16th, BLACKPINK successfully completed their Seoul concert, which opened the door to an extra-large tour around the world. This year, 14 shows of their tour “BORN PINK” will take place in North America, 10 shows in Europe. Next year, BLACKPINK will meet fans in Asia and Oceania, attracting a total of 1.5 million concert attendees.

Source: dailian

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