BLACKPINK has renewed contract with YG: A series of hints make fans 100% confident!

Entering the 7th year in their careers, yet BLACKPINK shows no signs of slowing down and continues to build their reputation with extremely packed schedules. Even as their contract expiration dates with YG Entertainment approaches, the girl group never ceases to excite people with large-scale events. In particular, BLACKPINK’s world tour, “BORN PINK”, is still on-going, and many encore shows have been added. Most astonishing, the girl group has confirmed to be entering Stade de France – a Europe stadium that can accommodate up to 70,000 people, proving their immense popularity. 

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Encore concerts and schedules that last till July

On the other hand, BLACKPINK’s contract with YG Entertainment will allegedly expire in August 2023. Prior to this “deadline”, it is imperative that artists and agencies must discuss renewal terms, yet BLACKPINK already has plans for various schedules in July. They will also attend a UK music festival in June, and should the girl group plan on not extending their contracts, YG wouldn’t make such bold moves to invest in extremely large concert venues and overseas schedules. 


Jisoo’s solo promotion

Another reason that makes fans believe in the possibility of BLACKPINK’s contract renewal is the upcoming solo album of Jisoo. Finally, after 5 years since the first member’s solo promotion, Jisoo has also gone solo, fulfilling many BLINKs’ dreams. Jisoo’s single album “ME” and the title track “Flower” will be officially released on March 31st, so it will take some time for the eldest member to carry out her promotional schedule. In addition, BLACKPINK’s Coachella headliner stage in April is also in intense preparation.


To debut solo in the 7th year of her career, Jisoo is likely to have renewed her contract, said her fans. 

Hints about Jennie’s solo comeback, Lisa settling in Korea

After Jisoo’s solo promotion, Jennie is predicted to make a comeback soon. With only one song and one MV in her first solo product, fans have higher expectations for Jennie’s return as a soloist. 


In addition, it is pointed out that during BLACKPINK’s world tour, BORN PINK, Jennie is the only member performing a new song. In addition, the female rapper has continuously revealed hints about recording and working individually in foreign studios with Rosé, rousing curiosity. As a result, Jennie is predicted to return soon with an album or EP which features many collaborations. At the same time, many Korean experts have analyzed that Jennie is the BLACKPINK member with the highest chance of re-signing.


In addition to Jennie, Lisa also stirred up the media when news broke that she had bought a luxury house in Korea. Since Lisa is originally from Thailand, her real estate purchase has partly confirmed the female idol’s wish to settle in Korea, at least for a longer while. 

Source: k14

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