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BIGBANG Taeyang wears a diamond ring, warned about “frequent theft incidents” while filming

On the TV show “HK coin”, BIGBANG Taeyang doubted his hearing after receiving a serious warning from the show’s producer.

On the 37th episode of KBS 2TV’s entertainment show “HK Coin”, which aired on May 18th, BIGBANG Taeyang appeared as a special guest.

When asked why he decided to appear on “HK Coin”, Taeyang said, “I’ve genuinely enjoyed watching it from the beginning, and more than anything, I’ve always wanted to appear on any show where Se Ho is active.”

Taeyang also drew attention by mentioning Hong Jin Kyung, saying, “Sister Jin Kyung is appearing on it”.


At this, Hong Jin Kyung pretended to be embarrassed, saying, “Don’t talk like that about us”. Meanwhile, when asked about his relationship with Hong Jin Kyung, Taeyang shared, “Although she probably lives somewhere else now, we used to live in the same neighborhood.” To this, Hong Jin Kyung elicited laughter by playfully claiming, “Actually, we are very close.”

Subsequently, Jo Se Ho suddenly noticed the ring on Taeyang’s hand, which was unusually sparkling, and questioned if it’s a real diamond. Kim Sook then stepped up to take a look and confirmed that it’s real. 

Hearing this, the show’s producer warned seriously, “Taeyang, I’m sorry, and I’m not joking, but theft incidents sometimes occur during filming. Please be careful.” Jo Se Ho also advised a disbelieving Taeyang, “Last time, a luxury watch disappeared.” 

At this point, Joo Woo Jae shared, “He slightly took off the ring, but blocked it with his hand,” implying that Taeyang wasn’t an easy opponent, inducing laughter.

Source: Nate

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