Bi Rain, stingy despite having 100 billion won? “I’m stingy when it comes to sharing”

The claim that singer and actor Rain had a simple expenditure compared to his wealth is drawing attention on YouTube.

The claim that singer and actor Rain had a simple expenditure compared to his wealth is drawing attention on YouTube. Many YouTubers dealing with entertainment news content re-examined the story of Rain 13 years ago told by Kim Tae-woo.

On top of that, Lee Jin-ho, a former entertainment journalist, also claimed that “it is true that Rain had a reputation for being stingy.” On Jan 13th, Lee uploaded a video on his official YouTube “Entertainment President Lee Jin-ho” titled, “Rain has made 80 billion won, but he is a stingy man. Why?”

Bi Rain stingy

He said, “It is true that when I asked most entertainment staff about Rain spends his money, Rain does have a reputation of being stinger,” adding, “Most of them responded that Rain often gave gifts and bought a lot of meals compared to his reputation.”

Some officials say Rain is reluctant to leave food and stingy about sharing profits. Lee said, “There were quite a few staff who said that Rain was stingy. We are cautious because the parties are specified when referring to specific cases, but overall, there was a claim that Rain was stingy when it comes to sharing something,” he said.

Bi Rain stingy

In addition to Lee, another YouTuber with 90,000 subscribers also claimed that “Rain is stringy” by highlighting anecdotes of Kim Tae-woo and Rain in the past. Kim Tae-woo, who is close to Rain, said on a radio show in September 2009, “I was out on vacation and went out with Rain, and I paid for the meal,” adding, “Rain earns ten times more than me, but I paid for the meal with my soldier salary. Rain is surprisingly a stingy person,” he said.

In addition, Rain said directly at the 45th Savings Day event in 2008, “I saved unconditionally when I had money from an early age. Even now, I receive pocket money from my father once a month. My monthly allowance is around 500,000 won,” he said. In 2010, he also said in a broadcast, “It is the iron rule for me to get meals from my brothers.”

Bi Rain stingy

Rain is known to have real estates worth 100 billion won in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. His wife, actor Kim Tae-hee, also has a lot of real estates. This is why they are called the “Super Rich” couple representative of the entertainment industry. Rain has sold the Cheongdam-dong building, which he bought for about 16.8 billion won in 2008, for 49.5 billion won, earning 32.7 billion won in profits.

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