Cardi B show loves Korean cuisine, even eating food that not all Koreans like

Cardi B, a world-renowned female rapper , drew attention by posting a video introducing Korean food made at home.

Famous American rapper Cardi B is famous for showing off her extraordinary love of Korean food.

Earlier, through her Instagram story, pictures of Korean hot dogs and tteokbokki were published, attracting many people’s attention. There was also a photo of kimchi along with the caption “very spicy”, and upon seeing this, Korean fans cheered. 

cardi b korean food

At the same time, Cardi B also posted a shot of the ramen “Paldo Lobster Flavor King Cup”, a noodle brand released for overseas sales by the Korean food brand Paldo.

cardi b korean food

Finally, on December 12th, the female rapper, who has been enjoying Korean food, posted a video of her eating chicken food and making home-made marinated eggs. 

According to Cardi B, her marinating brine was made out of soy sauce, sesame seeds, sesame oil, and garlic, and the dish tasted absolutely delicious. 

cardi b korean food

Many Korean fans who watched the video showed great enthusiasm and left comments such as, “She seems to be better at cooking Korean food than I am”, “Wow, these dishes are controversial in Korea as well, and yet she liked them all”, and “Suddenly I discovered that there are a lot of Korean here.”

cardi b

On the other hand, Cardi B, born in 1992, is a top female rapper loved by people all over the world.She was the first female representative to win “Best Rap Album” at the US Grammy Awards, and is a world-class artist who has topped the Billboard main single chart Hot 100 five times.

Source: Insight 

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