G-Dragon’s fans raged at “I’m SOLO” Youngchul as he left disrespectful comments under GD’s post

Youngchul, the 4th cast member of “I’m SOLO”, drew criticisms for his rude comments towards Big Bang G-Dragon (real name Kwon Ji-young), after insulting “Figure Queen Yuna Kim.

Earlier on the 20th of last month, G-Dragon posted several photos on his personal Instagram account. He reported that he was named in the ‘HYPEAWARDS 100’, which was selected by the world-renowned street fashion web magazine HYPEBEAST. There was also a picture of G-Dragon biting a cigarette.

However, Youngchul left a comment under the post. He suddenly said in a casual way without using honoriffics, “You’re so cool, Jiyong ah. But smoking is a bit not good. Please think of your health and stop smoking. Kwon Ji-yong fighting. You’re the best.”

I’m SOLO Youngchul

In response to Youngchul’s comments, fans poured out negative reactions, such as “Talking to someone without honorifics is more serious than smoking. Did GD allow you to speak informally to him? You need mutual consent to be about to talk casually. It’s not like you are older so you can talk casually to any people who are younger than you. Celebrities are people, too. It seems like you haven’t changed anything since the last post in which you apologized for causing uncomfortable issues”, “He has a really high rank in his company, so even when he’s really younger than you, talking informally like this is quite… Youngchul, you tend to speak informally to anyone younger than you”, “I knew it. You call any celebrity your friends and younger acquaintances without using honorifics”, “Don’t pretend you know GD”.

I’m SOLO Youngchul

Last month, Youngchul drew harsh criticisms from the public after he was revealed to have posted malicious comments under Yuna Kim’s SNS post in the past, such as “You gained weight Yuna ah”, “You look so lonely and depressed”. Moreover, revealing that he doesn’t care about criticisms, Youngchul said, “I like her as a fan. She’s younger than me so I just talked comfortably to her. I did say she looked pretty in the past, but she recently gained more weight so I wrote that comment. It’s speechless to see the media overreact and call that a ‘malicious comment’. I don’t understand why people keep having negative opinions about me”. He added, “If you don’t delete your malicious comments, I will find our your IPs and sue them all. I will do this even if it takes time. I will clarify this point”, hinting at a strong legal response.

I’m SOLO Youngchul

Youngchul appeared as the 4th cast member of NQQ, and SBS Plus’s program “I’m SOLO”.

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