Best quotes from “The Glory Part 2” that send chills down the viewers’ spine, “Why do the poor always believe in things like poetic justice or karma?”

“Why do the poor always believe in things like poetic justice or karma?” Park Yeon Jin 

In Yeon Jin’s eyes, Moon Dong Eun could never attain the revenge she wants to. In her world, money and wealth are everything, the things Dong Eun doesn’t have. She believes Dong Eun is still the helpless student from her highschool and disregards karma when she points the curler at Dong Eun. 

The Glory

“I want you to resent every moment of your life so much that you feel it deep in your bones.” Moon Dong Eun

In response to the challenge by Yeon Jin, Dong Eun has won and goodness triumphs over evil. Yeon Jin can only spend the rest of her life behind bars and suffers the utter failure and disregard from those around her. 

The Glory 2

“Being obsessed with something that can’t be changed seems a like a loss compared to the fruits of revenge.” Ha Do Young 

Ha Do Young is, perhaps, the most rational character of “The Glory Part 2” when he stands neutral to the ongoing battle. However, he makes his choice concerning the best interest of his daughter at hand and helps both of them out of the vicious circle of revenge. 

the glory

“Your lips that laughed at others’ misfortune, they’ve finally fallen silent now the misfortune is yours” Moon Dong Eun

Dong Eun swears to her past self she would not let anyone off the hooks, even the “bystanders.” That is why Hye Jung, who only watched as Dong Eun being tortured, receives her punishment by losing her voice. 

“Blindly pursuing morals and goodwill only brings you false glory, nothing more.” Dr. Joo 

This is what Sang Im realizes after witnessing the death of her husband. The deceased doctor had lived by his morals of a doctor only to be killed by the patient that he saved. 

the glory

“This decision is mine to make. I am the only family you have left.” Moon Dong Eun 

Some viewers believed Dong Eun’s mother was even more cruel than the tormentors because she was willing to abandon Dong Eun with the first chance she got, despite being her biological mother. Therefore, the only thing Dong Eun is happy was that her mother has always been the same. 

“I will wear red lipstick. I will wear a leather jacket. And I will go to a new country, far away from here” Kang Hyeon Nam

Contrary to the abusive mother who betrays Dong Eun, Hyeon Nam is the kind of mother who would be ready to sacrifice for her child, no matter the cost. When she is ready to stand up for herself and is not afraid of the bad guys, viewers got immense chill down their spines. 

The glory Y

“Some regain those things through forgiveness, while others regain them through revenge. Only then can they reach the starting point.” Yeo Jeong 

Yeo Jeong is the one who gets Moon Dong Eun the most. When Ha Do Young was hesitant to pick a side, Yeo Jeong has always stood by Dong Eun. He wants to use all his might to help her so that she can move forth. 

“I bid everyone else farewell as well. I hope it burned for you, too, like it did for me” Moon Dong Eun

Dong Eun starts with nothing and ends with nothing. The pain the others feel is the equal amount of the pain she endures. She is supposedly the “incarnation of karma.” 


“I didn’t grow up to be a good person, but one spring, I will fully bloom.” Moon Dong Eun

In the last two scenes of “The Glory Part 2,” Dong Eun returns with a white shirt and a bright expression as if a new person. She has bloomed into a spring flower with a spirit that has been healed. 

Source: K14

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