Behind-the-scenes moments that prove Son Ye Jin is the powerful girlfriend of Hyun Bin

The lovely behind-the-scenes moments of Crash Landing On You make the audience realize Son Ye Jin’s “power”.

Since Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin publicly announced their relationship, no one gets to know the details of their dating life, how affectionate they are with one another because they barely appear together in public.  When looking back at the behind-the-scenes footage of ‘Crash Landing On You’, viewers could notice many interesting things about this visual couple. It seems that Son Ye Jin is the one with more power in the two’s relationship because she just needs to remind a bit and Hyun Bin would listen to her immediately.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin in the behind the scenes of ‘Crash Landing On You’

While filming the hit drama, the couple is said to have been dating, so portraying their feelings to each other in front of the camera was not a big deal. That’s why the carefree moments behind the camera are what make the audience excited. Because they’re so close, Son Ye Jin freely used her “power” by yelling, jokingly hitting, even “holding the head” of Hyun Bin. The following gifs are clear evidence!

Son Ye Jin said do not touch the props, who dares to argue!
There is “domestic violence” here!!!!!
If he doesn’t engage in acting, he surely is “beaten up” by his partner
Hyun Bin was busy choosing a beautiful kiss direction when he was startled by Son Ye Jin and fell back!
You know Hyun Bin’s future married life just by looking at it!

‘Crash Landing On You’ is a drama about the romance between a soldier and a Korean elite who accidentally ends up in North Korea. Although the drama aired its last episode 2 years ago, it is still one of the most popular Korean dramas to this day, partly because of the main couple’s sweet relationship both on-screen and in real life.

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