Bambam (GOT7) Had Hi-Touches With ~10,000 Fans in One Night

Bambam touched fans with his love for them

Recently, K-pop fans were in shock when they learned that Bambam had a hi-touch session with approximately 10,000 fans after his concert. Although fans were aware that this was a special benefit that came with purchasing concert tickets, they still felt a mix of emotions, including concern when the event was officially confirmed by the concert organizers. Fans worried that the male idol might become exhausted from interacting with so many supporters all at once.

bambam got7

It is important to note that a hi-touch event is a popular concept in the world of K-pop concerts. It is a unique opportunity for fans to briefly interact with their favorite idols by either holding hands or exchanging a high-five. This intimate connection between the artist and their supporters is highly anticipated and cherished, and it’s considered a token of appreciation from the artists to their fans.

However, fans’ concerns about Bambam’s well-being are well-founded, considering the physically demanding nature of his performances and the hectic schedules of a global tour. Touring can be grueling, with artists often facing jet lag, rigorous rehearsals, and the pressure to give their best on stage. Given these challenges, fans’ worries about the hi-touch event are understandable, as they want to ensure Bambam’s health and performance quality are not compromised.

Despite the mixed emotions surrounding the hi-touch event, fans cannot help but be deeply moved by the genuine affection Bambam displays towards his supporters. The bond between K-pop idols and their fans is a unique and special one, and it’s these personal connections that make the K-pop experience so memorable and meaningful. Bambam’s willingness to go through such an event highlights his dedication and love for his fanbase.

On the other hand, Bambam is currently in the midst of his global tour, which began on September 16th at the Olympic Hall in Seoul, South Korea. The tour has taken him to major cities in Asia, including Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Osaka and Yokohama (Japan), Manila (Philippines), Bangkok (Thailand), and more. These performances offer a chance for fans across the region to experience Bambam’s music and stage presence live, creating unforgettable memories for both the artist and his supporters.

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