Baidu V Bar, the biggest fanbase of BTS V in China, stun with the scale of their birthday support 

V’s biggest fanbase in China, Baidu V Bar will put up the first TV trigger advertisement for a Korean idol to celebrate his birthday. 

“TV trigger advertisement”, which has been mainly used for corporate and drama promotions, is an advertisement method that induces publicity effects and participation in events by showing triggers to a variety of target audiences while they watch TV. It is a two-way interactive advertisement that is gaining spotlight in the smart TV era, breaking away from the traditional one-way TV advertisement.

Baidu V Bar

V’s advertisement will be broadcast 18 hours a day from 7:00 am to 1:00 am KST the next day for a total of 2 weeks from June 10 to June 24 across all programs of Mnet, the largest music channel in Korea.  The total number of exposures alone is more than 10 million.

BTS birthday project

According to Baidu V Bar, if you click the red button on the remote control when V’s pop-up advertisement is shown, a QR code and banner advertisement that connects to V’s Melon page will be displayed. This will be an effective publicity advertisement to promote BTS’ comeback and V to more people since BTS’s comeback stage of BTS on June 16th on Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’ has been confirmed.

This support from V’s Chinese fans is expected to have a particularly strong promotional effect for the MZ generation, the main audience of Mnet channels, particularly music and dance programs.

BTS birthday project

Baidu V Bar, which boasts the strongest fandom and financial power in K-pop by ranking first on fundraising for a K-pop idol birthday, is providing the world’s first and best corporate-level support.

In particular, for the second consecutive year, the birthday light show at the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, Dubai, will be carried out by V’s Chinese fans, drawing attention from both domestic and foreign media thanks to the huge scale of support. 

BTS birthday project

V’s Korean fanbase also celebrates V’s 9th anniversary with various advertisements. ‘V INSIDE’ will run a large-scale LED advertisement at 54 stations on Seoul Subway Lines 1 to 8 starting from June 13.

Advertisement for the 9th anniversary of V’s debut will be held on 120 video walls and LED billboards at 54 stations, including Sinyongsan Station, where HYBE’s new headquarters is located, Hongik University street, and Gangnam Station. Advertisements will appear more than 120 times a day.

BTS birthday project

From June 10 to June 12, the ‘Kim Tae Hyung Supporters Korea’ fanbase will be running a street lamp banner advertisement on the road in front of the new HYBE building. The advertisement will show V’s image from the beginning of his debut in 2013 until now. 

Source: Daum

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