BABYMONSTER “to lead the 5th generation” of K-Pop, said YG 

YG confirmed that their upcoming girl group, BABYMONSTER, will be a part of K-Pop’s 5th generation

On November 11, an article titled “The Ultimate Debut… High Expectations for BABYMONSTER’s Debut” was published on YG’s official site, YG Life. 

Alongside discussing the achievements of BABYMONSTER so far, the article in question also includes a snippet which says, “Having confirmed their debut, BABYMONSTER is expected to make a powerful first impression with a debut song in the intense hip-hop genre. The song, embodying each member’s individuality and the team’s identity, is anticipated to demonstrate the potential of this ‘monster rookie’ to lead the 5th generation of (K-Pop) music.”

With these words, YG has basically confirmed that BABYMONSTER will be a part of K-Pop’s 5th generation, heralding the start of a new era.

It is known that alongside YG, various rookies who debuted in 2023 have also been called “Gen 5” artists by their own companies and media sites, such as ZEROBASEONE (ZB1), xikers, tripleS, KISS OF LIFE, and so on. 

Source: K Crush, YG Life

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