Award Ceremony Red Carpet Fashion Face-off: Shin Yeeun’s Best vs. Roh Yoonseo’s Worst

The year-end season of award ceremonies has come, turning the entertainment industry into a competition of glamorous dresses

The 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards and the 2023 MAMA Awards saw numerous female stars stunning on the red carpet. Let’s highlight some noteworthy dresses.

Best – Shin Yeeun

Shin Yeeun perfectly embodied an elegant Elsa vibe with a subtle sky-blue tube top dress and silver-tone jewelry. She knows exactly what style and colors suit her, showcasing her goddess-like beauty.

Shin Yeeun’s dress accentuated her unique allure. The sky-blue color, complemented by shimmering jewelry, added an elegant charm fitting for the awards ceremony. 

Good – Park Boyoung

Park Boyoung’s dress, embodying “Bovely’s” trademark vibes, incorporated a tube top detail reminiscent of a flower and a refreshing wave.

If cuteness could be personified, it gotta be Park Boyoung. The wavy hair and natural makeup accentuated her beauty. While the dress may seem ordinary, it shines even more because it’s Park Boyoung.

From the bell-line to the bust decoration, this cute dress transformed Park Boyoung into a princess. 

So-so – Krystal

A red dress on the red carpet is risky. It can stand out but it can also blend in. Unfortunately, this time, Krystal’s choice was a disappointment. The red tone, too similar to the red carpet, coupled with sparkling details, made her look outdated.

Krystal’s messy hairstyle made one question if it was styled correctly. A simple dress could have worked better with a proper hairstyle.

The fitted dress emphasizing her body line is attractive, but the red color felt like an unnecessary camouflage. 

Bad – Tang Wei

Tang Wei’s dress, makeup, and accessories seem to lack harmony. If the earrings were simpler, and the curtain-like decoration at the back of the dress were removed, it might have been better.

While successful in drawing attention with uniqueness, it hid Tang Wei’s slender body. The overly ornate decorations, reminiscent of a Christmas cake, diminish Tang Wei’s sophisticated and elegant aura. 

Tang Wei’s elegant smile is always fresh and appealing, but her dress feels somewhat outdated. Matching flat shoes with this dress didn’t work either.

Worst – Roh Yoonseo

It seems like Roh Yoonseo was going for a different image on the red carpet than what she showed in her dramas. The color or design makes her look older than her actual age. 

Roh Yoonseo, loved for her refreshing visuals as recently as playing a high school student, unfortunately, went overboard with the sparkling sheer black dress. 

The dress is neither sexy nor elegant, rather an ambiguous choice. It feels like a galaxy shining on a sparkly sandy beach, giving off an old-fashioned and awkward look.

Oops! – Ahn Eunjin

At the 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards red carpet event, a sudden wardrobe malfunction revealed Ahn Eunjin’s undergarments. Thanks to the MCs hastily covering her with cue cards, a more fortunate incident was prevented. 

Source: naver

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