As Lee Bo-ram reveals that she is still in debt despite Seeya’s No.1, netizens get angry at her former agency

Netizens raged at the old company of Seeya’s Lee Bo-ram upon hearing her confession about debts.

MBC’s program “Hangout with Yoo”, which aired on June 4th, Lee Bo-ram, who used to be active in the group Seeya, confessed that she was in debt because she didn’t earn much money. The cast member asked, “You performed at many events but you are still in debt?”. Lee Bo-ram honestly confessed, “I have lots of debts. My dad’s car is already too old so I want to buy a new one for him.”

Lee Bo-ram

As soon as this scene was broadcast, Internet users criticized Seeya’s past agency, “The agency did not settle the Seeya’s income properly, did they?”. Some also commented, “Now I understand why even the center Nam Gyu-ri left”, “That company is so cruel”, etc.

Lee Bo-ram

Many netizens argued that they could not understand why Seeya, the group that became extremely famous by releasing numerous hit songs, such as “Love Greeting”, “Crazy Love Song”, “Women’s Generation”, “A Woman’s Scent”, “Shoes” and “His Voice”, right after their debut in 2006, did not make enough money. In fact, Seeya even achieved the title of the fastest group to win No.1 with their debut song “A Woman’s Scent”.

Lee Bo-ram

However, Seeya members once appeared on JTBC’s “Sugar Man 3” and complained about the bad situation at the time of their group activities. On “Sugar Man 3”, the members revealed that they did not even know about their No.1 because they were too busy with schedules. They also said that even after Seeya won 1st place, they still had to eat cup noodles and cereal when sitting on newspaper laid on the floor, drawing great regret.

Meanwhile, Seeya officially announced their disbandment in 2011 and the members have gone on separate paths since then.

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