Anti Accused LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon Of Copying aespa’s Winter And K-netizens’ Reactions

Korean netizens were quick to protect the two idols

On November 27, a post was made on the Korean online community Nate Pann, titled “Chaewon started to copy Winter again.”

In this post, a netizen attached some photos of LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon and aespa’s Winter after getting hair extensions, along with the following made up conversation, accusing Chaewon of copying Winter.

“Winter: Since she keeps copying me, I gotta come back with an entire new concept with hair extensions this time.

Chaewon: Hey, did Winter get hair extensions? People are responding so well? Me too, Winter, let’s do it together.”

In the comment section, Internet users have come to defend the idols, saying,

“? If she has long hair, that’s copy? Are you seriously at what intelligence level? Can you even think?”

“Again, you’re going to start trying to get both Winter Chaewon criticized. LOL. The reality is that they are both pretty and popular girls, but what about you Pann girls? Haha”

“Please don’t leave comments responding to this guys. Would a real fan post this, as Winter will also be criticized? She’s a serious anti.”

“That’s all decided by the company. If she really wants to copy her like you said, she has to dye her hair too.”

“But what’s really interesting is that it’s funny she really changes to a similar style as Winter.”

As of November 28, the original post has gathered approximately 161,000 views and more comments are being made.

Source: Pann nate

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