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An incident ruins the life of a high school girl, but the perpetrator was only sentenced to 1 year in prison

The video of a lane-cutting incident that paralyzed the life of a high school girl is released on “Han Moon Chul’s Black Box Review”.

JTBC’s “Han Moon Chul’s Black Box Review” (planned and directed by Min Cheol Ki), which airs on Nov 17th, introduces the tragic story of a high school girl getting in an unfortunate car accident on the bus after a truck cut in front of that bus.


“Han Moon Chul’s Black Box Review” has previously shown videos of vehicles cutting lane in various cases and emphasized the habit of giving way on the road, as well as how excessive attempts to interfere with driving order should be stopped. Meanwhile, CCTV footage of a bus, in which passengers were seriously injured due to a truck’s cutting lane, causes public outrage among the panels and the show’s guests.

The CCTV footage shows the inside of the bus, which quickly became a mess due to a sudden brake. Among the heavily reeling passengers, a high school girl sitting in the back seat quickly loses her balance and falls. She slipped down to the front door within a blink of an eye and suffered a severe head injury. It was seen as a minor accident from outside the bus, but a tragic incident happened inside the bus.


A promising high school girl ahead of entering college was diagnosed with quadriplegia due to a cervical spine injury, but the owner of the truck which cut lane, the perpetrator who caused the accident, was sentenced to only one year in prison. Moreover, it is rumored that the perpetrator was said to have disappeared without apologizing, enraging everyone. Many are curious to know why the truck driver was sentenced to only one year in prison.

“Han Moon Chul’s Black Box Review”, which will closely monitor viewers’ traffic safety discipline with increasingly informative and colorful footages, will air on Nov 17th.

Source: Daum

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