An idol in his heyday with “I Live Alone” make a surprise appearance today (September 16th) 

Everyone was surprised to hear the news this morning. 

On the September 16th broadcast of MBC news program “News Today”, SHINee Key, who has been appearing on the popular show “I Live Alone”, made a surprise appearance. 

In particular, the male idol suddenly showed up in a red suit and greeted, “Hello, this is SHINee Key. Nice to meet you.”

On this day, SHINee Key revealed that he has appeared on the news screen 5 times as a case member of “I Live Alone”, so he decided to appear in the studio himself.

The other news announcer then chimed in, “Besides, it was not entertainment news but economic news. We received a lot of help because it was easy to deliver.”

Hearing this, Key laughed and said, “In ‘I Live Alone’, I often said I would go on the news with the cast at this rate, but now I’m broadcasting live.”

Afterwards, the male idol conducted live news broadcasts, showing his all-rounder skills. In particular, Key reported on the reopening of Baek Nam Joon’s work at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, the night scene at Changgyeonggung Palace, and the release of his second full-length solo album.

Finally, the announcer asked Key, “It must have been hard to come out in the morning and prepare. Thank you. How did you feel about the news?”

Key answered, “I enjoyed it to the best of my ability. It was a good experience, but I seem to have come to realize that each of us has a different business.”

Netizens who saw Key’s appearance were shocked and commented, “It’s amazing to be on the live news”, “What’s going on???”, “Kibum?? Are you doing everything???”, “I was really surprised when I saw the news”, “I thought it was a data screen”, “What????”, “So cute”, etc.

Meanwhile, SHINee Key entered his second heyday last year as a fixed member of MBC’s “I Live Alone”. He is very popular with his candid talk and professional housekeeping.

Source: wikitree

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