“Amazing Saturday” broadcasting accidents, viewer bulletin board “It’s disturbing”

“Amazing Saturday” caused inconvenience to viewers due to consecutive broadcasting accidents.

On the August 26th broadcast of tvN’s “Amazing Saturday“, Dynamic Duo Choiza and Gaeko appeared as guests, while Oh My Girl Mimi served as a one-day secretary on behalf of Taeyeon.

Dynamic Duo revealed an anecdote related to Boom, who hosted their wedding ceremonies. Besides, “Tell Me What You Want” by Nuclear, a group to which Boom belonged, was presented as a question and the heat continued.


However, an accident occurred in which a black screen appeared in the middle of the broadcast. While subtitles and audio were being transmitted, a black screen as if there was an error popped up. The same situation was repeated in the subsequent snack game.

Currently, the real-time VOD service for this episode on TVING has been suspended.

Viewers showed reactions such as “What was the ‘Amazing Saturday’ screen just now? Is it a broadcasting accident?“, “Today’s ‘Amazing Saturday’ broadcasting accidents keep happening” and “I wonder what kind of video was used.

On the viewer bulletin board, there were posts such as “Strange phrases were sent backwards twice during the broadcast“, “Please check carefully. It’s disturbing to watch“, “I was enjoying watching the show, but I lost concentration” and “Please pay attention to broadcasting.”

Source: Daum

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