Ahn Jae Hong reveals a behind story related to his bald character Joo Oh Nam in “Mask Girl”

Actor Ahn Jae Hong talked about the unique hairstyle of his character Joo Oh Nam in “Mask Girl”.

Recently, a video titled, “Director episodes! The perfect director who doesn’t need directing?”, was uploaded on the Youtube channel Netflix Korea. It shows the director and actors doing a commentary on “Mask Girl”.

First, director Kim Yong Hoon appears with actress Lee Han Byul, who plays the main character Kim Mo Mi, and actor Ahn Jae Hong, who plays Joo Oh Nam. They watched some highlight scenes and revealed several behind-the-scenes stories.

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While watching Joo Oh Nam’s scenes, director Kim said, “The details of Joo Oh Nam’s hair… It can be easily noticed in the close-up shots”, adding “‘I thought it’s a wig?’… Many people were curious about his hair asking if it was his real hair”. Ahn Jae Hong continued, “In fact, the wig almost starts from the eyebrows. That’s why it looks so natural”.

Joo Oh Nam is portrayed as a character with an appearance complex. He likes Japanese adult animated series and lacks social skills. Ahn Jae Hong received favorable reviews for his excellent image transformation as Joo Oh Nam with a bald hairstyle, bad skin, and gloomy expressions.

Ahn Jae Hong also revealed a funny incident he experienced due to his makeup. He shared, “While filming the drama, a fan happened to pass by. While looking around the set, they said, ‘Oh! Ahn Jae Hong is filming here?’. I was right next to them but I couldn’t greet them. I thought it would be so impolite”.

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Meanwhile, Netflix’s original series “Mask Girl” depicts the life of Kim Mo Mi, an ordinary officer worker with an appearance complex who gets caught up in an unexpected incident while working as an Internet broadcast BJ every night with her face covered in a mask. It was released on August 18th.

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